Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s hands on comparsion

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The titans battle it out as the Samsung Galaxy S7 goes up against the iPhone 6s in this hands on comparison.

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35 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s hands on comparsion

  1. I really love my galaxy s7 edge but I miss my iPhone because of iTunes. I miss my iTunes music. depending on what the I phone 7 comes out like I might jump ship again, but we will see.

  2. Ios and android have their goods and bads. It depends what you need. I love file explorer, dual sim feature, quick charge, and customization that's why I choose s7. But iOS update system, tons of accessories, simple interface are good points too. When talk about flagship phone, price doesn't matters I think. Both phones are good in different ways. There is no winner or loser, it depends what you need more.

    Sorry for my bad English

  3. I just got a 6s to replace my Note 4 and honestly my new 6s last longer than my Note 4 even though I just got a new battery for my Note 4. I do 4 12 hour shifts and about 80% into my shift with the Note 4 will be at about 10% and my 6s will go through all 12 hours and end with about 25% battery life. I only mention Note 4 because the battery was much bigger than my 6s.

  4. No one beats iphone, Imma android user before like S5, S6 and Z3 but when i tried iphone 6s wow NO LAG at all. No doubt this is the best phone so far, although too much expensive!!

  5. They are basicly the same phones you can barely tell the difference between the camera who cares avout speed when they are both fast cameras are great fingure prin is good exept i like apple bc its compatable with beats and we all lnow beats are the best headphones

  6. I don't like the extra buttons in the phone it's really unnecessary and it's to much, especially all the extra apps included. I feel like it's to sensitive, like it moves to much and isn't as stable.

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