Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s: first look

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We’re here in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, and we had the chance to compare the Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s. There is no denying that the iPhone 6s is a great smartphone, but the Galaxy S7 really has a lot going for it. Read more at:
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38 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s: first look

  1. SGS7 has without a doubt the best screens and the screen is gorilla glass 5. No screens are even close. The cameras on the SGS7 also beat all other cameras in Mobile. I own the iPhone 6S with 128gb of int-storage, great phone but the S7 is a beast. My Note 5 is my daily driver and yes I'm nuts, also preordered the S7, watching for that damn UPS Truck as I type this out on my iPad. I enjoy great devices, I'm no fan boy to either but I just know what is the best, the S7 is currently the fastest, best looking, better screen and the camera is 2nd to none. Samsung hit this out of the park. This is what forces other companies to keep making better devices. Let's see what Apple comes up with in September.

  2. iPhone 6s is a different generation tho

    Every iPhone s is the same thing just done better and enhanced the 6s is just the 6 just built better and done properly that's what it is tho

    Overall I think the s7 wins but it doesn't beat the iPhone's OS I've always thought that androids OS just isn't as smooth and nice.

  3. Come on. Every time an iSheep makes a negative comment about the Galaxy S7, a lot of you start bullying him/her. That's not cool. You should never make fun of retarded people.

  4. I'm super happy cuz they brought back the micro sd card and the water resistant then I guess I'll just wait for the s7 edge plus cuz it'll be 5.7 inch display rather than 5.5 inch display, it will just be awesome with that big screen.

  5. Sadly this video showed me one of the things i had doubts when I compared my S6 camera against the iPhone in the iStore, I noticed the whites looked way more natural in the 6S than on my S6… But I thought it was because of the AMOLED screen but I was wrong, the whites are way more natural in the iPhone than in the S7 too :L I'd still pick the S7 and S6 cause of how good those cameras are in low light situations. I see the recent apps screen is still laggy when scrolling… I hope the S7 didnt carry the RAM problems that the S6 had… and lastly! lets hope we can overclock this baby to new levels with the new cooling system!

  6. soooo!!!!!!!! iPhone biased 🙁 there's nothing to compare here men , compare iPhone with midranges androids , this time Samsung it's just waaaaaayyyyyy ahead of the iPhone , but one thing is for sure iOS it's super smooth :)

  7. Iphone 6s looks way better an runs better then shitty android lol s7 is a joke an just the same as their previous phone with their old gimmicks water resistant an sd card reader lol old school

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