Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs iPhone 6S: clash of the tech titans

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In the smartphone world there’s only one comparison worth checking out to some: how does the new Samsung Galaxy S7 compare to Apple’s latest iPhone 6S? We’re here at MWC 2016 and it’s time to fight it out.

Both phones are smaller than their bigger brothers (the 6S Plus for Apple, the S7 Edge for Samsung) but still have the same impressive internals.

So if you’re one of the agnostic few wondering which to go for, then here’s our early comparison from our time fingering the two phones.

28 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs iPhone 6S: clash of the tech titans

  1. The GS7 still makes for a slower device and that alone sucks. Don't get me started on the OS! Sucks even more. Will never buy another one.

  2. At face value the s7 wins, but there is no unlocked model available atm, backups are still a mess, qhd burns through battery life, touchwiz lags, until we know otherwise apps cant be fully installed on the micro sd, a lot of good apps never make it to Android, little to no updates depending on the carrier, carrier branding, carrier bloatware, malicious apps in the app store, and root most likely impossible depending on the carrier.

    There are other things that the s7 will do better, but I'm done with Samsung jerkin me around.

  3. can't believe you deep shit are actually saying that the s7 has a better design than the Iphone LMAO. its a fingerprint magnet and that shitty glass on the back brakes like a mf. Also specs on paper don't mean shit. and while android has a lot of more apps than ios and a lot more free apps 90% of them are shit and don't run as good as on Ios not to mention the most important ones don't even exist on android. Plus on Ios you get a lot of google apps, you don't have a single apple app on android. Usually apps come out on ios first and months after on android.Software updates come instant on all Ios devices while on Samsung you have to wait ages.The touch wiz skin make the Samsung devices laggy as hell and weird to use. Ios devices have a far superior echo system than any other android device and are all connected together.And yeah expandable storage is cool but if you put a game on your sd it makes it laggier my 128 gb Iphone 6s plus is far than enough for me.Prices on Android go down really fast. 3D touch is on more and more apps and you can do a lot more with it than the hub or whatever its called on Samsung s7 edge. I have to hand it so samsung for the low light back facing cam and the video on the front, even though I think the video stabilization on my Iphone is a bit better, and the front camera is better in specs and some performance but I deslike the smooth effect and the photos on both of the cameras come oversaturated witch I deslike, I prefer to get as much stock photo as possible and than edit it if I want. Great job with the low light and the waterproof though but I would sacrefice those two any day for all of the L's witch are listed above.Not hateing its just my opinion

  4. Everyone who thinks the iPhone 6/6s is a good looking phone is either blind, mental or has a really bad taste.
    I say that as an iPhone 6 owner. I hope the iPhone 7 is going to be better looking. But UI is just personal preference, which is why I own an iPhone. Just works best for my needs.

  5. Do you know why Apple still start with a 16GB version instead of the 32GB version? They do know that 16GB yucky af for an iPhone nowadays so people will try to save more money for the 64/128GB version. No more 599$

  6. I wish people would stop doing these comparisons. It really is comparing Apples (no pun intended) to Oranges. Yes, Android phones are always going to be ahead on specs and functionality compared to iPhones. No, iPhone users are not going to magically 'see the light' and switch. It's like trying to tell a religious person there is no god. They have their own reasons for using iPhone's such as the simplicity and fashion or the fact they actually pay for their mp3's and have them all on iTunes or whatever. We can continue trying to needlessly troll or mock them, or we can get on with our lives.

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