Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S – Camera Comparison

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A side-by-side camera comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge (12MP camera) and the Apple iPhone 6S/6S Plus (12MP camera)!

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47 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S – Camera Comparison

  1. Why do people keep doing these types videos…

    Ever since the Galaxy S3, Samsung has been casually raping every other Smartphone in the Camera department…

    And you pick the iPhone of all Phones… THE IPHONE!

    iSight Camera's hype has died down drastically, honestly, I haven't seen a significant difference since the iPhone 5S…

  2. Why are we still comparing these phones? they are both great camera's and both camera's will do a great job… only diffrence that samsung makes the picture a bit warmer, but the iPhone shoots the picture a bit more natural…
    overal almost no diffrence.. so dont say that the one camera is killing the other ffs

  3. i dont care what anybody says #teamiphone since 2007 tried the note 3 when it came out took it back 10 days later tried the galaxy s6 and took it back 3 days later moral of the story while a lot of ppl in love with galaxy phones i simply dont give a fuq about it or what it can do for me. lol AND…..i always talk my family and friends into iphones and they always super happy with them so yeah im an isheep and fuq ya and all 6 new galaxy phones samsung drops every year just to keep up with 1 single iphone.ok bye now ✌?️?

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