Samsung Galaxy S7 vs HTC 10 Camera Comparison

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the HTC 10 cameras are two of the best smartphone cameras of any android smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S7 produce slightly more saturated photos, while the HTC 10 images are slightly more accurate. You be the judge of which one you like better.

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34 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs HTC 10 Camera Comparison

  1. The HTC 10 does very well. I think the S7 took the first picture better but in my opinion the HTC 10 did the best with the second picture. The selfie was hands down HTC 10 as you could see the individual pieces of hair whereas the S7 was a blurry mess.. It seems though that the OIS on the front camera works more when taking still photos than when taking videos because there is still a bit of shaking when recording video on the 10's front facer. I think the 10 is very close to the S7 and even exceeds it in some cases. Most of the issues seem to be with how the software processes images and videos so if HTC could refine that through some updates then I think these would both be tied.

  2. Considering this video was released yesterday, I'm pretty sure the HTC 10 they're using doesn't have the latest update (1.53.617.5) which included software updates for the camera. That said, there's no doubt Samsung did a great job with their camera. I currently have the Galaxy S6 and am still pleased with the quality of pics I get. Still, I seriously doubt I'll miss it when I receive my new HTC 10.

  3. The front facing camera was better on the htc 10. The rear camera is good, takes natural looking photos. I never realized how much samsung sharpens and saturates their images. The sky in that picture looks overwhelming blue. It looks nicer on the Samsung but it's not true to life so, like everyone says, the htc keeps it real.

  4. Was the HTC on the latest firmware update because apparently a new one has just come out in the past week? Anyway, Samsung still camera King but the HTC does very well also. Enjoyable comparison!

  5. I would still pick the HTC 10 since I want more than just a great camera experience. I personally enjoy great audio, build quality, timely updates, great warranty and less bloatware!

  6. S7, great camera but it looks like it over sharpens and over applies contrast/saturation which will make it harder to edit the photos. The 10 after the camera update to me is hands down the better of the two, because the UI and overall daily usability matters more than taking pics in zero light. What's with everyone thinking they're pro photographers these days? And Touchwiz will turn into a bigtime lag fest. Just ask any previous non-biased Samsung owner and they'll tell you the truth about TW.

  7. The Galaxy S7 takes overall better pictures and video but that's expected. The HTC however can surely win the "Most Improved Camera" award this year for sure. The 10's camera is light years ahead of the M9's and I think that's what most HTC users were waiting for.. The hardware and software have always been top knotch but the camera was always a let down. This year they gave us a decent camera finally! :)

  8. Hey Melissa angel, i was wondering if you could get your hands on a Nexus 6p & compare the camera with the S7, your style. I'm getting to love my S7 more & more, its an amazing device, it blows my note 5 away, I only still keep my note 5 because it's more suitable for my job, I use the note features quite alot.

  9. try making sure there aren't any finger prints in the lens of either camera. I feel like a lot of cameras get shoved because of the bland photos caused by the smudging on the cameras lens's

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