Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. HTC 10!

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A comparison of the 2 top flagships out right now! Let’s see if the HTC 10 can dethrone the Galaxy S7.
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Galaxy S7 Review:
Galaxy S7 Edge Review:
HTC 10 Review:

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41 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. HTC 10!

  1. htc 10 is capable of quick charge 3.0. the s7 has quick charge 2.0… I see many videos that don't mention this and that makes it look bad. either way I like smiled slightly better but it's all pros and cons. i also like htc sense over Samsung touchwiz. either that's just me. I'm not you it's great to have choices. which one is better? that's answer is yours 🙂 either way your got to got for what you pay for

  2. Great comparison, honest opinions and you were balanced and fair to both phones. I would have to agree that the S7 probably takes the edge for its (slightly) better screen, camera and software features, but I much prefer the design and build of the 10, along with the superior audio experience.

  3. This was a great review however I have my opinion on them.
    S7 | htc 10
    screen : I give edge to s7
    design : this one for the 10
    software : personal preference (true android guy will know)
    camera : Personal preference ( 10 have front ois)
    now htc is known that it have high audio quality ,where s7 have water resistant.
    did I miss something?

  4. didnt try the s7 but i wont just because its glass back which a skin cant protect and the touch wiz ?

    so i had to buy the 10 and so far it's a really good phone in terms of every things and the differences between the 10 and any other device would appear only in comparison

  5. S7 is my choice; wireless charging and water/dust resistance plus the more manageable size and the superb camera (with insanely fast focus) tip the scales in its favor.

  6. Hey Tim it would be so helpful if you leave me some great tips for saving the battery on my S7 Edge. And I also want to know if using the S7 Edge without a glass protector is risky or not cause I don't know whether it will be scratched easily or not. Thank you and keep up with the great work man! :')

  7. Cool comparison, you guys "youtubers" 😛 should just say the 10 instead of HTC 10, you all call it the S7, why not the 10? since we all kinda know what it means by now 😛 It just doesn't roll off the tongue well when you're constantly saying "HTC 10" but I'm nitpicking lol.

    Dig the vid :D

  8. just a thought, wouldn't it be better to make comparisons without the case/skin as most people wouldn't necessarily buy them, so they should know how they compare and look side by side (: besides that, great video as usual :D

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