Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6

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Sales of the Galaxy S6 have proven anything but record-setting, and so with the Galaxy S7 Samsung is going for a sort of Hail Mary pass by combining what seems to be the best of both worlds: a utilitarian set of features, packaged into the same attractive shell. And from where we stand, it’s been quite successful, begging the question of just how much of an improvement over its predecessor we’re talking about…

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31 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6

  1. Worst comparison ever , this is the only guy saying that that galaxy s6 has a better display and battery life , i dont know about display but I guess they must be the same at least if not better just logic bro and it is impossible that the gs6 has better battery as the s7 has less demanding power to display and a lot bigger battery like the same as the note 5 and if the note 5 had better battery than a note 5 with smaller display is logical to have an even better one. The gs7 has better performance too why didn't he say that .. Lately phonearena has been awful at the point even saying basically the gs6 is better than the gs7 like wtf!!! And the xperia z5 is the worst phone ever made in their site . I didn't expect this from a respectable channel , what is going on there

  2. i have both… but my daily driver is s6 bcz s7 camera is not good… and obviously it doesn't worth it to upgrade… sorry s7 but you are not that good as i thought…

  3. good video man i was just about to unsubcribe to Phone Arena after john v quit cause i cant understand the other guys accents but you did such a good job im going to stay subcribed glad they got you keep up the good work

  4. amazing phone , his opinion isnt the best as facts and image samples show how great the s7's camera is but he says it wasnt what we were hoping for, umm yes it was, his reviewing videos bash phones more than focus more on the great things

  5. I totally agree with phonearena on this matter. S7 is a great phone but not such a big upgrade compared to the S6. There is no reason for someone who owns S6 to go to S7.

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