Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6: Should you upgrade?

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How long do you keep your phone? Do you upgrade every year? Two years? More? Samsung’s focus for the Galaxy S7 was to refine the Galaxy S6, and replace some features we missed from the Galaxy S5. This strategy has resulted in one of the most appealing phones of the year, but also one of the most expensive. Are these improvements enough to convince S6 owners to take the plunge on a one year upgrade? Let’s take a look…
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34 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6: Should you upgrade?

  1. I love my S6. the ir blaster is essential for me seeing as my remote died for my tv and I use it as a spare for all my devices. And I am the sort that will skip a generation and wait the 2 years to upgrade. bring on the S8

  2. I dont recommend to upgrade to s7 edge, wait until late the new one comes out, as I don't see more changes between both phone.

    better save ur $ for new, once you update to version ur phone in looks it's same to s7 edge.

  3. I can't decide s6 or s7 (not edge). The price difference in my country is 480 s6 vs 628$ s7. Is the S7 worth the 150 $ more? Obviously money does matter. :)

  4. My class has a projector, and because it's ceiling mounted, a control panel is at the wall in front, and as you can guess… It sometimes won't work properly, and my GS6 saved many of those troubles where some dude had to bring a long stick of some sort and press the power button on the top.

  5. Samsung would have a really difficult time finding the room and the design language to swing dual front-facing speakers on their phones, especially not if they want to continue having off-screen buttons. What I am incredibly disappointed about, though, is not this. It is instead that they have decided not to use the same Wolfson DAC that they used last time in the S6, which has allowed the audio performance over headphones to slip a bit (or a lot, depending on how much you hate Qualcomm's integrated DAC).

  6. I wish my Note 4 drained that slow on video. hell, in general. Just by being in my pocket for an hour it'll go from 73% down to the 51% or even lower at times. It's battery drains so quick. I don't use it for much media, and I just usually text. Use some data do I can Kik my friends. That's about it. Still struggle to go 4 hours with it. So I'm thinking about upgrading, and the S7 seems to be my best bet since I still want to use my Gear S and eventually get the Gear S2 or S3 when it releases

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