Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy Note 5 Hands On Comparison

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Join us as we take a quick look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 5!

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49 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy Note 5 Hands On Comparison

  1. I have a galaxy s5 right now and I'm trying to decide if I should get the note 5, galaxy s7 or wait for the note 6 (rumored to release in July)

  2. Loved the review i personally don't like there iOS format i like my android so im bout trying to put all the apps on the screen like apple but i do use lucidia pro launcher that launcher doesn't have an app drawer you just swipe right all the apps come up on snother screen. That implement i can like just not apples format which i find useless and cluttered.

  3. I like the titanium silver color of the note 5/s6 edge+. Why didn't Sammy make a titanium silver GS7? Because of that I'm going with the gold GS7. Haha

  4. Hey guys, I have Note 2 which I bought almost 3 years ago and still is a very good phone. But I think its time to upgrade. I'm confused between S7 and Note 5. Anyone used both of these devices, can you tell me anything more about these phones more than the videos. About battery life, heating problem and so on. Thank you.

  5. Android authority, Do you recommend me waiting for the Galaxy Note 6? Or just moving from the Note franchise to the S7? I'm currently using the Note 5, but I want to use a phone that will last me a good few years.

  6. My wish list for Samsung Note 6 Specs: ( its just a wish list). 
    •6-inch display
    •Android 6.0.1
    •4K Resolution •16-Core processor
    •Exynos + Snapdragon Chipset
    •6 GB RAM
    •32, 64, 128 GB Internal Storage
    •Micro SD card support •20 MP/camera 16:9  ( NOT 4:3  the stupid S7 went back to)
    •4000 mAh Battery

  7. yuck. notes camera app looks nicer. that s7 camera app looks yuck. might take nice pictures. but. those black bars are kind ugly. why can't the picture be full screen?

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