Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs. BlackBerry Priv | What To Buy? | BlackBerry Better Than Samsung | Forflies

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The Samsung S7 has just been released and while the BlackBerry Priv has been out for a while, many people are wondering what’s better. Should you buy the BlackBerry Priv or the Samsung Galaxy S7? While both of these best smartphones run on Android OS, it’s a hard bet for most people because the S7 does offer more for less on paper! You’ll also be getting some info on the S7 Edge in this one. I’ll be helping you guys out with all of this 🙂

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23 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs. BlackBerry Priv | What To Buy? | BlackBerry Better Than Samsung | Forflies

  1. I see several comments on here where the correction is made that the PRIV can handle the 2TB SD card. But my question is where can you actually buy a 2TB SD card ??? Verizon only sells a 128gb sd card. I'm having trouble finding one online to buy for the PRIV.

  2. you should maybe record the video while playing another game, im sick of watching ameteurs play the same thing over and over, try doing something interesting and creative, like maybe putting jokes on the screen, or playing something different that people don't really see but is interesting…

  3. First time posting on a youtube article. First, I want to thank forflies for the video which was very helpful. I'm pretty similar to him (though less sophisticated) in that I have used Blackberry's for a while – largely for the physical keyboard – including most recently the Q10. I don't really do a lot of gaming. And I like some of Blackberry's software like the Blackberry Hub. However, the lack of applications for Blackberry 10 just got annoying. The finally made the software Android compatible – and it sort of worked – but not entirely. Also, I wanted a bigger screen. So I was really looking forward to the Priv. But my carrier (Sprint) decided to be the ugly duckling and not carry the phone.

    I didn't really know what to do. But I chose the Samsung S7 for one simple reason. Samsung was smart enough to include something to lure Blackberry users like me. It's called the Keyboard Cover.
    Basically, it's a pretty standard case for the phone (on the back). But the front has a "blackberry style" keyboard. It works really well and is easily removable and storeable on the back when not in use. The phone instantly realizes the key board is there and shrinks to accommodate the smaller real estate. With one exception (google calendar) there are really no issues with any application – and even on the calendar it's only a small issue. So I'm pretty happy with the Samsung S7. However, I'm still hoping that someone develops an application like the Blackberry Hub for the Android.

  4. At the 5 minutes mark, you mentioned about the sd card and you have it backward. The Blackberry Priv support 2 TB of space and the S7 is 200 GB. Not the other way around. I own a Priv. Debating if I should get the wife a Priv or S7 Edge

  5. Forflies, your review is so seriously wrong in a very important area, and that is the memory that you quoted for the phones, which you got mixed up, and everyone has pointed it out. What you can do is to re-record the audio, since the audio and video are not synced in any important way. Just re-upload the review. The error you made is crucial in people choosing the phones, so really it is (accidentally) dishonest…..and this is the reason I think it would be a better and more viewed video, if it was corrected. I am getting my own Blackberry Priv within a few weeks – I've waited for my contract upgrade. For anyone about to tell me how much Samsung are better, don't bother. I've owned Blackberries – from the 6230 to the Z30, and also the Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but since they moved to non-removable batteries, I went from the Note 4 to the LG G4. I want the Priv for the daylight camera abilities; I know Samsung is better in low light. And of course, I want the Priv for security.

  6. U quoted two things wrong. Well one thing wrong and one needs updated. The Blackberry u said the BlackBerry only lets you expand the storage up to 2 gigs. That's not true. The BlackBerry lets u expand up to 2tb. And the statement that needs updated is the. OS. BlackBerry Priv now runs on marshmallow also.

  7. Dude what are you talking about? The priv is the phone that can take a 2 TB sd card not the S7! Please check your videos for errors before you sway unknowing consumers into buying the lesser phone with your incorrect facts.

  8. this video is crap. obviously has no understanding of blackberry hub, obviously hasn't heard of software upgrades, doesn't mention snapdragon 820 vs 808, incorrect about SD capacity. no mention of the S7 water resistance. you have no idea what you're talking about.

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