Samsung Galaxy S7 Unboxing!

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Hey, look, we have the Samsung Galaxy S7 in house…the gold one…it’s pretty. Because we just got one in house, it’s time to do a quick unboxing before we go full review. Get ready! The 2016 smartphone season has begun.

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  1. I am going to get this phone next week along with a colored back and a tempered screen protector in a color I wanna confuse ppl when they see it like how did you get this color they don't make them for about 10 bucks on eBay they do lol ?

  2. In the uk the carriers don't customise the phones like they don't have any sort of logos or screens coming up in boot up its basically identical to the ones from Samsung/apple

  3. ear buds are great, clear and loud if you need them to be. microphone is satisfactory, I use them when I play online on the PS4, nobody has complained about fading or interference so that's a plus.

  4. Guys i would prefer samsung phones than iphone i see this 2017 iphone 7 will arrive but still samsung is the best i really hate iphone not that i hate they are gorgeous phones.i really love android

  5. i had an iphone then upgraded to a galaxy and i wasted my time regretting it and went back to an iphone and now i'm due another upgrade and my friend is telling me to get the s7 but i'll end up regretting it again even tho everyone is saying it's better than apple. for me apple beats anything

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