Samsung Galaxy S7 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Hidden Features Samsung has a new series of smartphone and touchwiz comes packed with a few new features. If you’re familiar with how Samsung smartphone work but can’t find a few things, Nicole will show you where to find a few hidden gems that maybe you knew about but just can’t find. OR maybe all these tips and tricks are new to you.

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  1. wow you are so beautiful, but the secret game is really cool. go to setting – about device – software information and from there tap Android version until the marshmallow thing appears and keep tapping long hold for the game to start. xxxx

  2. One hand operation which shrinks the screen to the lower left or right corner, and pop-up view which allows you to leave an app open while you browse your phone at the same time.

  3. great vid. I am disappointed to find that the 'People Edge' 'function only offers ordinary texts(which i never use) and not Whatsapp icon. Anyone has any idea how to make the Whatsapp icon appear in that slide?

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