Samsung Galaxy S7 Teardown Review!

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It’s been a little less than a year since we’ve seen a Galaxy Phone on our teardown table, so that means it’s time for a new one. Last year the Galaxy s6 scored just a 4 out 10 on our repairability scale, but we’ve just gotten our hand on the brand new Galaxy S7 and we can’t wait to see how well it will do. With some amazing new features like expandable storage, water resistance and VR capability with the Gear headset, the latest entry in the Galaxy line of phones is sure to impress. Will it be able to impress our teardown engineers? There’s only one way to find out! Let’s tear it down!

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31 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Teardown Review!

  1. The LCD can be seperated from the frame without cracking it, just needs heat and time. I just did one and it works perfect, very small heat mark but its possible to avoid that if slightly less heat.

  2. Typical Samsung Junk….. Lots of flash, huge specs to wow the simple minded and short sited, yet they make it impossible to replace the charge port (which is always the weakest link in all Samsung Phones), without removing a $300 wafer thin LCD……… Oh and your "waterproof phone" will no longer be waterproof……
    Every time I quote a customer on a screen repair for a Samsung all I get is a Shocked silence…. the most fragile screens on the market, and also the most expensive. As well as the hardest to change out, which drives up the labour costs.
    Everyone rips on apple being expensive. It is expensive because it is well engineered, which makes it easy to disassemble. Therefore easily repaired. Every time you open an iPhone you realize the quality and care that is put into the design. Samsung in their haste to beat apple to every punch just rams it all together and the end users get stuck with the bill.

  3. Wait, so if I understand correctly, that last point means that there's no way to replace the glass if it cracks without destroying the screen right? I would imagine that's common, isn't it? Is that not the case for all other modern high-end phones?

  4. Ehhh people please say battery capacity in Wh, 3000mAh does not mean that battery is bigger than 1000mAh. To see actual capacity u need to multiple mAh * Volts, so this is very inaccurate.

  5. So.. if the usb port gets damaged (water damage or other).. there's a high chance you'll need to replace the LCD display too, even if the display is perfectly working ?

  6. Well once opening the device within 12 mth you'll lose manufacturer's warrantee. But thx for the tear down video, will give some idea on how to replace dead battery.

  7. Is that the NFC antenna located in the middle of the back panel, or is that the wireless charging receiver? And if it is for the wireless charger, where is the NFC antenna so I know where to point it when I use NFC for payments?

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