Samsung Galaxy S7 – Still the Best Smartphone of 2016?

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26 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 – Still the Best Smartphone of 2016?

  1. If it had a metal/plastic back, a better speaker/more power through the headphone jack and a cleaner Android it would be perfect. Still probably the best Android experience IMHO [with S7 Edge, Nexus 5X, Moto X Pure, HTC 10 and probably the ZTE Axon 7 as runner ups].
    Great performance, camera, good battery, display and awesome size make this phone great! 😀 [Also, I think Touchwiz can get better but has improved a lot].

  2. speakers would be nice on the front but i would rather have my speaker on the bottom then on the back, i cant ever hear anything on the back atleast you can hear alot more with the speaker on the bottom.

  3. As a android "power user" who likes stock android above all, your review was plain great. The only thing that I would have liked you to cover is the RAM management difference in both devices because the amount of RAM of the GS7 when the software don't know how to handle is just bad.

  4. for the price of the S7 I would just get a budget phone an a new graphics card since I just use my phone for WhatsApp, Messenger, calls, texts and ocasionally Geometry Dash and Clash of Clans. Most of the time I am playing on my pc so I don't consider $1200 for a phone worth it when I can get a much more powerful PC and a phone that is good enough.

  5. i actually prefer samsungs apps to googles apps besides chrome these disadvantages probably dont apply to alot of peope touchwiz is far better than stock since you can replicate stock through a theme and launcher with extra features you dont have to use

  6. I'm almost feeling that blaming Touchwiz has become a trend for reviewers these days.
    I do own a Nexus (Nexus 7 LTE with the default launcher) and an S7 Edge at the same time, and i really do prefer Touchwiz over the Nexus stock Android launcher.

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