Samsung Galaxy S7 Startup Sound Revealed!

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This is for MilesTheCreator.
Guys, this is only MY interpretation of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge startup sound. I also recreated the TEDIOUS boot animation. 🙁

Here’s how it works!
It is a synthesized piece consisting of E.Piano notes, E.Organ notes, and bells. You’ll also hear what you might call “star sounds” as those notes are from the synth instrument dubbed “Crystal” from a Yamaha synthesizer. The E.Organ notes are heard on the left channel, while a low descending bass note is heard on the right, along with an E.Piano created from FM-Synthesis. Also, an FM-Synth stinger is heard on both. At the end, the piece fades out.
Composed by me, David Egan, using OpenMPT
Recorded using Audacity 2.0.5
Animation recreated using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

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