Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone – Review

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Samsung S7 smartphone review
Samsung S7 camera test
Samsung S7 camera vs LG V10
Samsung S7 camera vs Nexus




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50 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone – Review

  1. Love your reviews, so professional and specific, by far the best reviews I've ever watched. Your opinion: I travel a lot and often change SIM cards in different countries. Does the S7 opens up and allows the user to change SIM cards?

    Thank you Jim, and again, thank you for the great reviews.

  2. Hi Jim , thanks for great review but I didn't find any words about audio quality ? I listen lot of music and one of the more important thing before buy mobile is HI-FI quality ,what you think about Samsung S7 in this matter ?

  3. Probably the best smartphone on the planet right now.  I have been with HTC all along from the Droid Incredible, then Droid Incredible 2,  to my DNA.  But the battery life for HTC has always been their weakness.  I really don't need a kick ass camera and I don't plan on swimming with my phone!  Great vid!!

  4. Awesome review man! In my experience Samsung phones have always been crippled by Touch Wiz. Samsung always has the best phones but the worst software. Even when you do install another launcher the same problems appear, which is that the phone gets slow over time, like really slow. I stopped buying Samsung phones when I had the same issues with the Note 3. My only reason I will not get any Samsung phone until they stop putting Touch Wiz on it.

  5. Your phone reviews are outstanding. I would never forget your review for Nexus 6p. I fell in love with that phone from watching your review, I ordered it, and now I fall in love with it every day. The best of luck, Jim!

  6. A lot of youtubers nowadays dont put much effort because they have already achieved large subcriptions, Your reviews are of quality and the music and visuals are on point. I've recommended my friends to your reviews and they too were satisfied.

  7. Nice video..nice editing..nice review..underrated channel..hmmm..whyyyyy???? guys should try see adrianisen channel..his review channel is very bad but get more views than this channel..

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