Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus Speed Test

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s Speed Test
In this video i’ll be doing a speed test comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the iPhone 6s.
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The Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a Snapdragon 820 Cpu along with 4Gb of RAM. On the other hand the iPhone 6s comes with Apple A9 processor along with 2 gb of RAM. Now the speeds on these devices is very similar and the main difference is that iOS was built along with the iPhone’s hardware in mind whereas the Galaxy S7 Edge had to make their hardware compatible with Google’s software! Imagine this, If you have a recipe and you give it to a good chef, that chef will be able to make the food in the recipe as good as you did. But the difference is that if you were to make the dish, you would be much quicker at making it because you created the recipe, so you know how to do everything at the top of your head, whereas the other chef will have to read the recipe and see what he has to do. Now just take…

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  1. When you load data on web pages both use same conection and share the cache memory of the router, so the difference in load time get cut by some margin. Not saying is bad, but is not an ideal for a scientific experiments.

  2. The fact is that u don't want to admit what actually happend-S7 is faster.And that's why u have been saying all this stuff when S7 is actually faster than 6s ,like : a little bit faster but it's not big deal…

  3. I used an iPhone and a Samsung there isn't really too much speed difference. I prefer Samsung because I like to customise my phones whereas on the iPhone u can't really do anything in terms of customization

  4. the s7 edge used here is basically not the exynos version which we get in india…the exynos version is way faster than this version of s7 used…exynos monster is likely to outperform iphone 6s since it takes fraction of a second to handle multitasking…secondly s7 is always better in display, built and camera..thirdly we find a greatg battery in samsung s7 unlike iphone 6s…and last but not the least samsung s7 has easy access to everything as compared to iphone 6s (talking from student's point of view as business phones wont use all the features of these phones)

  5. this was a very close speed test and u won't notice a difference in day to day task. In fact, it was equal. I gave a point to a phone everytime it opened an app quicker. The score was equal in the end. I will be getting an s7 because it's faster in opening normal apps. I don't play games that often. plus, it has a better design, bigger battery, battery camera, expandable memory, water proofing and the customization of android.

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