Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge – Advanced Features Tutorial

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Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge has some awesome advanced features that make it smarter than a smartphone. This video shows what all these features do and how to turn them on or off.

Quick Camera Launch, Pop-up View Gesture, Smart Capture, Palm Swipe to capture, direct call, smart alert, easy mute and Galaxy Labs.

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27 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge – Advanced Features Tutorial

  1. Thanks, this was helpful! I switched to Galaxy S7 from S3, and I had a
    cool feature in S3 called Page Buddy in Display Settings menu. It
    allowed to set up the tab that would come up when you plug in
    headphones. How do I get that feature on S7? There is no setting in
    Display Menu, and nothing happens by default when I plug in my

  2. Hi question?
    I previously had a windows phone that had the feature that when someone called it would either announce the caller's name or say what number is calling you. What feature is like that on this phone? Also it had the feature for the text messaging as well. The text message setting gave me the feature to have the phone read to me the message out-load or ignore it. If I choose to have the phone read me the message it allowed me to also reply back hands free. Also it aloud me to speak into my headset microphone for all the features.
    My windows phone was not on a lock screen when I owned . So I need help please in figuring if this new phone has the similar or same features and if so where are they located? Thank you so much I hope you can help

  3. im experiment problems when makimg calls on the galaxy s7 edge 🙁 i wonder if it jas to do with the HD call thing i see ? everytime i call people they are like I CANT UNDERSTAND U, I THINK THERE IS STATIC. or i even hear it …. i never had this problem with iphone for 7 years first time in my life and it happens when i give a chance to galaxy. do u know if somethin may be causin the problem???

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