Samsung Galaxy S7 Review: The Second Best Looking Phone on the Planet!

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge are the latest smartphones from Samsung. They are an iterative but important improvement over lasts years Galaxy S6. Here’s my full review on one of the best smartphones you can buy today! This is the model with the Exynos 8890 processor.

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43 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Review: The Second Best Looking Phone on the Planet!

  1. I have my upgrade now, and i have been looking into which phone I want to get. Right now it's between the iPhone 6s or this Samsung Galaxy S7. I have read some reviews on the S7 and some people have wrote that with Snapdragon the battery life is terrible…do you know if that's true?

  2. Thanks man, this video really helped me in making my decision. Everything about S7 sounds great to me, but the audio quality of the muddle speakers is a deal breaker for me, hence i'm not getting it. I don't use my headphones all the time, and the speakers are still quite essential to me. Guess i will be sticking with my iphone for now. Hopefully, in the next gen, if they fix the speakers, definitely i will be getting it over iphone.

  3. Great job Matt! I upgraded to the S7 from the Note 3. Loved the big screen but got tired of the bulkiness. The S7 has the sweet spot as far as size in my opinion. This phone is amazing in almost all respects. My only complaint would be the cartoony icons. Still, I'm very happy with my decision. Keep up the good work!

  4. Samsung's browser is actually pretty nice; I prefer it over Chrome.

    One of my favorite features is being able to use my fingerprints to sign into websites. It's super convenient and saves me a lot of time.

  5. matthew…the xperia z5 has the fastest auto-focus!!!!and iphone's cameras S U C K! (my brother has the 6 plus so i know!!! 😀 )… was a really nice review…dont know if i am gonna take the s7 or the g5…:/

  6. The different chips do matter. The Exynos is better by far, as it is more optimized for the device. The 820 is generally slower and reloads apps more often.

  7. 3:30 I actually prefer some of Samsung's alternatives. S Planner is cool, Samsung browser is better than Chrome. S Voice is okay but I use it interchangeably with Google Now depending on what I want.

  8. whats with all the hate on touchwiz?? though not as great as stock android, i feel that the new touchwiz is better than other operating systems such as huawei's and lg's.

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