Samsung Galaxy S7 review – shot with Galaxy S7

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This is our video review of the Samsung Galaxy S7 – shot entirely on a Galaxy S7. For more check out

29 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 review – shot with Galaxy S7

  1. man… this phone… how can the maker of one of the worst phones come up with the best one. One can easily forgive the touchwiz part given everything else. I was a hard core Samsung hater but now I cannot but love it. Kudos to Gsmarena for shooting the review on S7 edge. I guess this is the way its going to be from now…

  2. I have an iPhone, but it seems that Samsung physical upgrades are WAY better than iPhone upgrades. This video makes me want to get an S7. But I wont cuz I'm broke.

  3. the video on the escalator looks horrible, did you have digital video stabilization enabled? the s6 also produces horrible footage when shooting with digital video stabilization

  4. Only the background should have blurred a bit more,it's image quality is good so is video recording.I think they samsung should use the same approach with thier budget and grand lineup.And yeah some new battery tech innovation.

  5. It's shit asf…. I sent mine bk today Haa!!! I got an refund Yay Sammy is shit and it's laggy, battery life is terrible even over heats like it's gunna blow up into bit's. xDDD The most concern of this device was tht there was an icon left in my screen and will never go like my s6 edge plus but it's different in my edge plus it's got an line though the screen and my s7 edge had an pink icon in the screen fkin awful displays my 6p is better faster still LOOOL!!! idk how can ppl sy Samsung r faster even tho they dnt get updates as a lot like Nexus, I got an update on my 6p today idk wht it was I forgotten, any news for the s6 edge plus marshmallow update in the UK? SAMSUNG sucks!!! and lied about the marshmallow on the s6 edge plus wankers they need to sk their phone's until it blows up in the mouth!!!! LOOL ????

  6. You forgot like every reviewer that it has terrible audio quality out of that single speaker due to waterproofing which is something I would have loved to be without because of the huge hit it gave the speaker and because I treat my electronic devices like just that and electronic device and don't bring it near water… not a teenager who can't look after their things.

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