Samsung Galaxy S7 Review: Phone to Beat

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Samsung’s latest flagship looks to be the top Android phone to beat this year. Here is my full review of the Samsung Galaxy S7.
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Galaxy S7 Edge Water Test:
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44 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Review: Phone to Beat

  1. looks gross???? really? actually it is the skin that looks ridiculous. that is so ugly, compared to the beautiful glass on the back of the s7 and edge. and while the back does show fingerprints, it also is extremely easy to quickly wipe off, and looks great again.

  2. Fingerprints aren't gross. It's just our skins oil which we need. They're literally on everything we touch. Just some you see (the S7 phones) and some you don't. Your fingerprints are on that skin just as much as the phone without the skin.

  3. I am surprised you say the battery isn't the best… I thought that was one of the biggest moves forward Samsung made. However, I haven't used one, so I take your word for it.

  4. Thanks Tim you are always on point with your reviews, i too have the Galaxy S7 i can actually stand by this Phone from Samsung top to bottom really nice device

  5. Nice review, but all these phones are the same to me anymore. Nothing too exciting has come out from any manufacturer for almost 2 years now. Samsung does have a damn nice camera though!

  6. Mono speaker, no IR blaster, no removable battery, Samsung slow with updates, no FM radio, smudge magnet. No mail / message updates with always on display, expensive. Still a great phone but may be bettered.

  7. The only difference between the LG-G5 is the UI and Samsung makes a super fast eMMC, but LG has the feature of a swappable battery and also transform the bottom of the phone so it can have various functions and maybe the camera

  8. how will rooting it be? I know Samsung has been making it harder and harder. why don't you do videos on rooting and roms anymore? that's why I started watching you in the first place.

  9. Please,if somebody in the future see a phone who doesn't stutter write a comment bellow.We are 2016 I' m sick of seeing a lag and stuttering from a flagship devices.

  10. Hey Tim, long time fan. Really disappointed in your videos of late. I have a few suggestions on how to "spice" up your channel. I'd love to see a shirtless soft core type stuff.

  11. So, everyone claimed that the OLD design was ugly because it didn't look like apple.
    NOW you say it's beautiful, but put a SKIN on it.
    It NOW looks like the S5 with a non-removable battery [back].
    WTH people?

  12. Does android marshmallow has the "copy" "paste" select all" feature like on IOS?
    This is one of my favorite thing on IOS which i use a lot at my work and it is very critical for me if i ever i switch to Android phone.
    Explanation: if i copy a link and paste it over another link,so i have the option first to select and mark (select all) the link which i want to paste over and then then copy the new link so i won't have to clear it manually.

  13. just got the S7 and it's my first Samsung phone, can someone please tell me if you can assign the different colored Led for certain app notifications, like blue for Facebook, green for email and red for text messages?

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