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The Samsung Galaxy S7 Review covers what will surely be one of the best android smartphones of 2016. Phil Nickinson does the Samsung Galaxy S7 Review covering everything from the excellent smartphone camera, to being waterproof.

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31 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Review by Android Central


    I have a Samsung s5 and it is causing me grief. The back and recent keys regularly activate by themselves and shut down running apps whenever they feel like acting up! I don't know what to do. I've run CleanMaster app to free memory and resources, but still the phone acts up when it wants to for no apparent reason. Thanks.

  2. Imessage and iTunes and podcasts and overall iOS is still the reason I can't switch to Samsung. I really don't like iPhones camera which is horrible under low lighting and their speaker phone is pretty bad as well. Samsun UI is still a hot mess tho

  3. Liked this review quite a bit, but something I have had to tell every tech blog I'm subscribed to thus far is to please tell us the actual screen-on-time you get. This is a great feature that's been baked into Android since forever and can give people a good idea of what real world usage can look like.

  4. You really suck at reviews, plasticy !!! The phone has a magnesium shell and aluminum back and front. The Galaxy S7 is a Galaxy S6. In fact the Galaxy S6 Edge has a better processor and a better camera and better battery life.

    Samsung dropped the ball instead of raise it. Everything that could have been didn't happen, No 4K screen, No retina scanner, No upgraded camera. Ill pass Ill keep my Galaxy S6 Edge and when Apple pushes the bar on iPhone 7 then I'm out of here. The price of the S7 doesn't justify upgrading. honestly I highly doubt any Galaxy S6 users are going to go to the Galaxy S 7 because it's the same phone in fact it's just not as good as the Galaxy S6 Edge !!!!

  5. I got android auto working for me on day 1 which was surprisingly released early for what I was quoted anyways, just needed to manually update all the apps that AA uses. Only downside is that when you plug in the S7 it goes to "Charging Only" mode and you have to switch it to MIDI.

  6. I always have a silicon case protection for all my smartphones… I prefer 10x to have the external battery than opening my phone to change the battery… The only thing why I will not buy this phone is because my S6 is just awesome and the new one has no USB C. I hate the micro USB that I have to check all the time the side… A friend got it replaced as he didn't know his power and pushed the connector wrongly (still working though but not connecting well anymore). I would prefer the round old Nokia recharge connector (360 degrees) as much easier to connect in the dark… Maybe in 10 years (USB D ?)…

  7. Photography results are stellar out of the box.
    I don't know why the need to insist on the lie that they aren't, but they are. Android Central shouldn't deny that reality.

  8. Nice job on the review… but what about the audio quality? Did Samsung include a ESS audio chip like rumored? How is the bottom speaker? volume and quality? No love for music lovers… bummers.

  9. All other reviews I've seen has found the camera to be the best they've seen on a smart phone. Maybe this guy just isn't qualified to review camera's?

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