Samsung Galaxy S7 Review: Bringing the Style

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Galaxy S7 Skins:
A new Galaxy phone will always generate a lot of discussion. While many are focused on the Edge, what does the smaller S7 bring to the table? It’s one of the pricier phones on the market today, so is this hype, or has Samsung improved this phone over last year’s Galaxy S6? Here’s out full review of the Galaxy S7!

Galaxy S7 Real Camera Review:


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39 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Review: Bringing the Style

  1. Excellent review, much better than some who just like to put fancy artwork and eyecandy shots of phones in abstract places. Really liked the pace and detailed disemination of information. Best reviewer after Michael Fischer.

  2. Well as usual a great and comprehensive review, yes i have the Galaxy S7 and by far is simply everything i needed to the specs, power, camera, display size, Micro expansion and wow this Gold version really just looks nice, finally Samsung has given me the phone i can call my own and stand by

  3. I'm confused more than ever between the iPhone 6 and the S7. I'm too cozy in Apple's ecosystem and the iPhone 6 (128 GB) costs only $525, while the S7 costs $675. The iPhone 6S (16GB) costs $750 and the iPhone SE (16GB) costs $825 in India so they're out of my budget range, lol

  4. I have a question Juan , i like recording videos of my band when playing live i have used Lumia 1520 and iphone both don't distort the audio ,how is the gs7 on this aspect ?

  5. I like this review substance over floss unlike others, great job ?
    Hey juan, can u tell me what's your top 3 smartphones currently.. I can't decide & in huge dilemma what to buy, ur views will help

  6. hey Juan. I'm wondering if your g4 still works… Have you updated it to marshmallow? Many g4 units are having the bootloop (which is a motherboard problem) and screen burn-in issue. And LG knows it and they acknowledged it. It seems like the affected batches where the units that are having the serial number that starts with 500 to 511. and they probably have fixed it in the motherboards with serial numbers that starts with 600… but I'm not sure because they haven't said anything about it. And the screen burn issue is also common. I did not know its possible to an IPS display. In the Philippines, many are complaining about it. And no one knows how or when will the bootlooping starts. Although many have said that they updated their unit to marshmallow and it triggered the bootloop but no one can confirm that because some have bootloops before the marshmallow. What do you think about this? Does the Lg v10 have this issue too?

    PS. i know this is not related to the S7 but i wanna know cause I'm confused whether to buy the s7 or g5 or just save money and buy the g4 or v10. thanks!

    PSS. have you seen the technobuffalo's review on the S7 (not the Edge version)? Though both of you did a great job on each respect, their cinematography plus your content and delivery would be a PERFECT review. Just a suggestion you know… and sorry for they quite long read

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