Samsung Galaxy S7 REVIEW (AFTER 2 WEEKS)

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My review of the Samsung Galaxy S7. This is the best phone Samsung has made and covered a lot of issues from last years GS6.


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46 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 REVIEW (AFTER 2 WEEKS)

  1. There seem to be a very big misunderstanding between the battery capacity of the edge and the standard. The larger battery in the egde will of course be equal to the capacity in the standard due to the different screensize. Why would Samsung put a larger battery in the edge if they didn't had to.

  2. i have a Galaxy s7 but I need some opinion .. does your galaxy s7 home button slightly move when you are pressing it .. I mean like using your fingernails to push it like left right up or down does your s7 move or not .. cause Im it kinda moves and im aftaid that when water drops to my phone maybe the home button will be damage :(

  3. The Samsung galaxy S7 series is the best!? The performance and the specs are the best!! No phone can stand a chance against the Samsung galaxy s7!! Just love it!!? Hope I get a chance to get that phone in the giveaway!!☺

  4. hey carl.. so good video.. because many people know.. that the s7 classic is so cool.thnx for this.. i hope i win .. thank you so much for having chance to own this device.. even many people are want this device.. tnx for that one chance…see you carl

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