Samsung Galaxy S7 Review – A thing of beauty!

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Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 the pinnacle of smartphones? And not just now, but for the foreseeable future?

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48 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Review – A thing of beauty!

  1. If I had to give some feedback to Samsung, I would ask, respectfully, they give me the choice to turn off pop-up notifications. The low battery pop-up is madness when you are achieving your best score, and flight mode confirmation is a pest. Turning on the screen to notify of low battery makes no sense at all, likewise preventing camera function on low battery can spoil an outing. That said, settings too, would be easier to comprehend if Connections-Device-Controls-General were under a single tab to scroll through all.

    I would suggest rebating the buttons as it currently takes concentration to handle the device without pressing something, and the device bounces when using touch screen on a flat surface due to the camera bulge. Anyways, this all pertains to the Note 3, I am awaiting their next phone that allows for the all important battery changeover.

  2. I work at a U.S. Cellular, our display model's screen is burnt in wicked bad. Don't leave yours at full brightness and don't leave the screen on too long. Just something to keep in mind.

  3. I still am using an Iphone 4S and the shame is borderline unbearable. All the kids throw shit at me and call me names and tell me to not let my poor genes spread to the general populace. I have to cry myself to sleep every night! WHY WORLD WHY!!!!! Never mind, sorry none of this is true, carry on.

  4. About some of the criticisms, I prefer hardware buttons, and as for the fingerprint sensor: while it would be nice to be on the power button, 1) usually I turn on my phone by pressing the home button so it's not like "click" then put my thumb down and 2) it'd be much less surface area if it were on the power button, meaning it's potentially less accurate and could potentially ring up a false positive

  5. I agree Linus. Thinner and smaller is not always good. I wish apple will notice that soon. Performance > smaller size. Like, stop taking out really useful things such as ports and computer coolers for smaller size.

  6. I don't get it, why do you never review nexus devices? I think that the stock android OS and the off-screen interface and form factor of the nexus lineup is far superior to anything from samsung.

  7. Does anybody have experience if the volume rockers accidentally get pushed in the pockets or something? I have the iPhone with the mute switch and just wondering if this was a big deal with this phone or not. Some guy had a review and said he was pissed because he thought he had the phone on silent and it went off during a meeting lol anybody have any input?

  8. It is always on display feature. if u could interact with it, there would be tons of accidental touches and u could not leave it on. So they did a good job not including interaction for it.

  9. Now that my plan allows me to trade in my phone for a new one every year, I finally got to try android on this phone. I`m loving it, if they could fix the android fragmentation and get updates like an iPhone does, it would be almost perfect.

  10. WOW, someone agrees with me about the capacitive and physical button set up on the S7. I've had the S7 Edge for a month and it could be better. It's the best phone I've ever used, but Samsung will never be the maker of the elusive perfect phone.

  11. Have to totally agree with linus here, cause I've been using a S7 for the past two months almost. Mine is an exynos variant and is very efficient in performance without compromising on battery life.

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