Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 is finally here. Is the S7 another lackluster flagship, or has Samsung made the improvements needed to make the S7 the king of phones?

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26 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

  1. "couldnt bring back a replacable battery" decided not to, my kyocera hydro vibe has a replacable battery, this does make for a better IP rating, but its not like it makes it go from a ip65 to an ip 8X and water resistant to 30 feet, but thats just me

  2. The cons I need to share for my silver S7 edge: Always have to clean fingerprints and smudges (imagine if I choose black), constant worry to scratch (I don't like cases or protectors), and the heat (cuz it's glass, even tho cooling down so fast only took couple secs like 3 or 4 secs).

  3. I'll stick with my S5. Literally hardly any difference. Battery? I can replace it; that's a huge plus for me. It lasts long enough anyway, and you can buy higher capacity batteries. Camera? It's good enough on the S5. Screen? Good enough on the S5. Build quality? Don't really get the complaints about it not having an aluminium frame. I'd rather a stronger plastic frame which can has a replaceable cover for additional personalization. What does the S7 have that will sell me on it? Pretty much fucking nothing. The S7 Edge looks really attractive. That's about all really.

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