Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Review
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Samsung Galaxy S7 Review: CONCLUSIONS…

So, here it is, the Galaxy S7, one of the best phones Samsung has to offer.

The device sports a great design and build, it uses some…

21 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

  1. It looks great but I will switch to an Android phone only when they will reach to the apple's security level.
    I heard that they are actually telling you to download an app in order to protect your Android phone,it doesn't sound very promising…..

  2. Labas, gražūs Lietuvos ir Vilniaus vaizdai. Kokia tavo asmeninė nuomonė apie šį flagmaną, gal nužiūrėjai kokių minusų, klausiu nes būtų įdomi nuomonė, galvoju įsigyti ? kamerų sensorius samsungo ar sony šitų telefonų ? Garso kokybė ?
    Kuris patogesnis rankoje, kurį imtum iš jų ? Gal dar kažką gali pridurti…

  3. Great video mate. Battery life along with the fast dual pixel auto focus are going to be big selling features of the new Galaxies. You are the man bro and if you keep getting reviews out on the latest phones at this pace then 100,000 subs is not difficult to reach ?. Just don't forget me when you reach that level ?. I might work for you one day covering tech events and providing assistance lol ?

  4. with such a small choice in devices in this category everytime you say "one of the best we've seen" doesn't mean jack. and you actually say this pretty much about every feature of this phone. I did not learn much from this video for this reason

  5. don't understand why they changed the aspect ratio of the camera. I know you can adjust the ratio to 16-9 but downgrading to 9.1 mega pixels.
    have you taken photos in the lower resolution are they still of a high quality.

  6. Are u gonna review Xiaomi Mi5, I think it will be better than S7, this time Mi5 comes with an IR Blaster, Fingerprint Sensor, NFC also returns and a 4 Axis OIS which is something new…….Mi5 is truly a Flagship without any compromises and for less than half the price of S7!!!

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