Samsung Galaxy S7 Official TVC: Friends

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Change the way you pick up the tab.

The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge come equipped with Samsung Pay. Now available in more countries than ever before.

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31 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Official TVC: Friends

  1. There so NON real world these adverts, "is that the new samsung S7 Edge"? he then grabs his hand to pay!
    1: he'd be like WTF are you doing, i was gonna use cash, i ll be overdrawn now!
    2: how the hell would it be set up on his S7 Edge, if he didnt know about Samsung Pay?

    I get these are commercials, but give us real world scenarios and things that would encourage people to GET Samsung pay!
    And for the record HURRY UP and launch in the UK!

  2. Dafaq? The guy is just texting, and he already paid the bills without doing any process of authentication or security.. What if someone make a gadget that can stole your money from getting near to your pocket where your phone is located?

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