Samsung Galaxy S7 Official Case Round-Up – First Look

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11 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Official Case Round-Up – First Look

  1. Hey, thanks for the great Video! So i was wondering, the galaxy s6 and s7 are almost the exact same size, does the keyboard case work with the s6 as well?
    If it doesnt fit i would still wonder if the hardware will be recognized!
    I would really appreciate it if you could test that or maybe find out if it works!

  2. Had note3 with S-view case, now I have S6e+ with clearview case and it's amazing, but the main complaint is that it makes phone very very bulky and thick, also had keyboard cover, but sold it next day, it was cool for some apps or using google keyboard where edges were disturbing the typing, but I just hated that every time you put it on it applied default? theme, and just wasn't so handy as I expected. Now I'm using clear cover, because the phone's LCD screen is very hard to break and the only concern for me was a thin back side glass, camera bump on backside and aluminium edges, so clear cover is now cool for me also in the way that with clearview phone was too thick, and s6e+ without everything is thin and hard to hold, now with clear cover is just the right size. I'm more than happy with S6e+ and won't be transfering to S7e for now, thought I will but changed my mind and would rather wait for next Note, hopefully it will be available worldwide at the same time, not like note 5, but if happens to switch to s7, will go with edge variant and clear cover case again.

  3. Wish you had the phone (S7, NOT THE EDGE ONE) to equip it on to see how the Clear Cover one's edges looks like.. I've bought a 10€ Muvit cover and it's like that, only that the Side Buttons are covered a bit in plastic (You must ride the finger to reach it below the plastic).. Besides of that, the screen edges on the Muvit are lifted up a tiny bit at the sides, meaning that you end up sliding to 'em ending up being annoyingly annoying…

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