Samsung Galaxy S7 launch | Live

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Samsung at MWC 2016

Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy S7 launch

When: February 21, 7 PM (10 AM PST, 1 PM EST)

Samsung has issued its press conference invites for the new Galaxy S7 series to be held on Sunday evening, February 21. While there is still debate as to whether there will be two or three Galaxy S7 variants presented, at the very least we know we’ll be seeing the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. It’s that tricky Galaxy S7 Edge+ we’re not so sure about.

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  1. For Gaming, since I'm still holding the note 3, I tried to download MKX and because of the overheat I could have smell the plastic, a reason why I had to delete it. So, will it be extremely better on the S7 and S7 Edge?

  2. That's Thea difference between Samsung and apple. Samsung actually listens to there fans and users apple just does there own thing. I really believe Samsung is the future with the way they do their business. But we'll see how the iPhone 7 looks and works.

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