Samsung Galaxy S7 hands-on: stronger, faster, better

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The second most popular high-end smartphone in the world has just gotten seriously upgraded. Samsung has introduced the Galaxy S7: a marriage of glass and metal which continues the themes that made the Galaxy S6 the great departure that it was from Samsung’s previous efforts.

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38 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 hands-on: stronger, faster, better

  1. Stil Iphone 6 copycat design. Install and use some basic apps, do some photos and videos, load some of the memory and theeeen show us how laaaagfast this is. The edge is a nice design, Samsung makse nice phones, wish they were more original and more value for the money. Now android mobiles are getting more competition, similar specs for half the price of a Samsung.

  2. Wow, they're just adding in features they took away. It has a micro sd card slot and water resistance now, which it had on the phone two generations ago…. Talk about innovation, Not.

  3. Samsung should have called it the "Galaxy S6s". Just minor changes, nothing new. The LG G5 got my attention, it's a huge step forward in terms of innovation. Premium design that still has removable battery, SD card, and modular parts which is always a plus.

  4. 32 GB of memory is great!
    How can you say that having as much memory as a high end gaming PC is bad?

    You mean storage…
    Memory is your ram
    The phone has 32 GBs of storage though ://

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