Samsung Galaxy S7 – Hands on review

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Samsung Galaxy S7 is finally here! Here are our first impressions from our hands on with the new offering from Samsung. It packs an impressive punch with a upgraded camera, battery and new features such as game launcher and always on. Here’s our hands on review at MWC 2016.

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  1. I think it is well deserved of the name S7. If you do a direct spec comparison there is quite a few things improved. My 3 main ones are the battery, sd card, and water proofing. Currently have white 64gb S6 with black s7 on the way.

  2. I have a note 4 right now and I absolutely hate it in every way possible. I was considering to get iPhone 6s but seeing the S7 has made me rethink… What would you guys say? Get S7, 6S or wait for iPhone 7?

  3. it's really a S7 not S6S they just follow the design & made it more comfortable this time because the S6 design was really adoreable but there was 2 problem with previous designs that the camera bump was huge & no curved back by that you can't hold you mobile comfortable so they just follow the design & made it comfortable this time & under the hood alot of great functionality this time so this is really a S7

  4. Why is everyone complaining that it is not USB C? What's the fuzz about it? Because it is still micro USB we don't have to buy new cables!

  5. Game launcher looks surprisingly nice. Can keep gaming clutter contained within one icon which is a clever way to do things. The power saving functions are very nice too, for many more basic games like puzzle games you don't need the game rendering at super high frame rates needlessly and using this you can prevent unnecessary battery drain. I'm really impressed with how Samsung are upping their game. Home screen looks clean and I love the icons. Camera is super responsive too. Looking forward to getting mine with free Gear VR soon!

  6. Feels like they dont need to release a S8 next year (if they intend to) I mean the S6 even is still a decent mobile after 1 year on the market. I think whatever comes next needs to be a big leap foward

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