Samsung Galaxy S7 full camera tour: new sensor, new features

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Samsung is using a new, lower resolution sensor in the Galaxy S7, which boasts better low light performance and faster auto focus, but what’s changed from the camera app over the Galaxy S6? Here’s our in depth look at the camera app on Samsung’s newest flagship smartphones!


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38 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 full camera tour: new sensor, new features

  1. Awesome phone, but the camera 4:3 aspect ratio is a deal breaker for me. I went to buy one of these yesterday, but when I saw the pictures displayed on the phone, I left it in the store. Very disappointing. As a photographer, I understand the larger pixels gathering more light for better night shots. I can live with the resolution drop to get that. It does capture better images than my S5, which I have always been impressed with, however seeing every picture taken displayed with annoying black bars on each side, cutting out parts of the beautiful big 16:9 screen was frustrating. All my screens are 16:9, including the phone, why produce an image that looks like it belongs on a 1960's tv?? Yes, I know that I can switch the camera to 16:9 capture, but then it is only 9 megapixels. Too much of a drop from my 16 megapixel S5 which I will have to stick with for now. Sure hope they don't do the same thing with the Note 6!!

  2. +Pocketnow
    great phone review sir, may i ask what's the brand of that phone lens that you showed in the video? it seems build with good quality lol

  3. Thinking about upgrading to s7 from the iphone 4s lol… I think it's about time, I've had my phone for over 4 years now and both front and back are cracked (and have been so since the first year I got it). What's the difference between s7 and s7 edge? Please enlighten me, phones aren't really my strong side.

  4. I need help, I keep trying to take pictures of stuff kind of close up and it's just always blurry. I'm pretty sure it's cause I just don't know how to use it so if anyone has tips I'd appreciate it

  5. these camera companies better start diversifying or they will belly up. If they were smart they would team up with smartphone companies to develop their camera lens.

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