Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Sony Xperia Z5 Premium – MWC 2016

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We compare the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge with the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium – which currently holds the title of sharpest kid on the block with it’s crazy crazy 4K screen. They’re both sporting 5.5 inch screens and IP68 water-resistance, but that’s about where the similarities stop. So while the S7 edge looks incredible on paper, how does it stack up against Sony’s flagship?

25 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Sony Xperia Z5 Premium – MWC 2016

  1. I have a question, I recently looked at a review that compared the two phones is the Sony z5 and samsung s7 and it was revealed that the Samsung s7 camera is much better than Sony z5 cameras, but how can this be if sony camera with the highest resolution, not weakly high . and it turns out that Samsung is better due to the fact that he has the camera of 12 megapixels and Sonya 23 Sonya maximum photo resolution 5520s4140 while the Samsung 4032h3024, and as a result Sony loses in this (we are not talking about speed and other things only to stabilize ). Explain that in this occasion, it is possible for something I do not know maybe … Thank you in advance)

  2. for screen i still prefer s7. its more enjoyable to look. the color and contrast suit my eyes better. i was so confused choosing between the two. but then i decided to buy z5premium. really love the design and feel more premium in my hand. unfortunately…the screen somewhat stays blueish which i do not like. eventhou i did the screen adjustment to make it a more warm color. but i can live with that. fiture wise..i prefer the sony UI which to me is easier and more enjoyable to use. z5premium is heavier than s7. but personally speaking…s7 feels cheaper in my hand which i do not like. it really comes down to personal preference. both are great phones. cheers!

  3. the first Sony phone I bought was Xperia S now I got Z1S and I got my wife Z3 I used to have iPhone and Galaxy and LG but the best phone I've ever used it's Sony I can't weight till I get the Z5

  4. change your background a lil bit the white is a lil too bright but yeah I liked your review you stumbled a bit but felt a bit natural. take some tips from FlossyCarter channel and I bet you'll go far

  5. I have no idea why everyone raves about Samsung phones. I've tried every phone on the block (just about to get the Xperia Z5P), but the Samsung was by far the WORST phone I've EVER had. And I'm not the only one who says this who I know. I would NEVER by a Samsung phone ever again. Personally the best phone I've had is the HTC M8. But I REALLY put my phones through the paces, & Samsung just couldn't keep up out of all the phones.

  6. when will people realize that the 4K display on the Z5 is only when watching videos or viewing pictures, everything else including UI, apps, browsing is just 1080p. Samsung's Amoled displays are second to none in almost every area.

  7. I had got some horrible exprience with my mom's Note and Samsung Tab so i really considering in taking the S7. Even though have heard a lot of good comment about this one, my trust isn't certainly comeback. I'm so confused right now in which one should i buy cuz the Sony Z5 got lots of positive reviews too :'(

  8. All he done in this video is say bad things about the Sony. Was quite obvious it was going to happen seeing as the video was sponsored by O2 with a Samsung phone. I have the Sony Xperia z5 Premium and all i can say about it is good things. I had the Samsung s6 Edge before, but i prefer the Sony. It's all a matte of opinion. I think the 4K screen on the Sony is amazing! Especially if you dont have a 4K tv to view your pictures or videos.

  9. ….useless video. The main reason people watch these videos is to see which phone out performs better than the other. You just cover each phones specs vocally, which a quick Google search comparison would be more time efficient.

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