Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Full Comparison

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In today’s video sakitech will do a full comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. We will compare every category from processor, memory, dimensions, camera, build quality, battery life, dimensions and more.

Let’s we whether is it worth upgrading from the Adge S6 Edge to the Galaxy S7 Edge.

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26 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Full Comparison

  1. im away see about s7edge as for wxternal storage also i just dropped my s5 in dishes other day so it makes sense i choose 1 with water resistance also incase my baby decides to chuck it in water ive 30 mins ?

  2. I wanted the s7 edge since I found out about it I don't have a phone but since I'm going to be thirteen I'm getting it plus all of my tablets were samsung I currently have the Samsung galaxy e tab but thanks dude getting s7 edge July 12 yayy

  3. I have been using a s4 for the last three years +. I just switched to the s7 edge. I love it. I was going to go with the s6 edge for a lower price, but I am very active outdoors girl. I wanted the water and dust resistance, and expandable storage for all my horse/animal pics/videos. I do have a lifeproof case for the barn, but it is nice not to worry as much if I forgot to change my case.

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