Samsung Galaxy S7 edge vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5: first look

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Live from MWC 2016, PhoneArena presents a first look video between the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge & Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
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42 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5: first look

  1. I love S7 but god damn sound gets on my nerves, esp when watching youtubes or using speaker phone and even when playing games… and few other flaws exists.. otherwise it looks sexy.I stayed with my note5. its also equally good looking and powerful.

  2. this drives me crazy. s7 edge caught my heart with the waterproof and camera (and the design is better in my opinion), but I can't really leave S Pen. watching this on my note 4

  3. Help guys? Im really having a hard time here. Which one should I buy? The galaxy note 5 or the s7 edge? And I am just wondering, is it really possible to have a note 6 edge???

  4. I still got a gs5. I upgraded to gs7 but I will be returning it. It gets too hot for some reason, it drains battery quicker than my old gs5 when using it for quite a while, I don't know why this happens if it's supposed to be better. I'm dissapointed, I guess I will wait for the note 6.

  5. I'm a huge fan of the note 5. My hands are larger so the bulkiness feels great to me. At this point anything smaller than the note 5 would feel very weird. So personally I am waiting for the note 6! on the other hand, I am telling my Mom she should get the S7 instead of the S7 edge because she likes smaller phones and the S7 edge would be too bulky for her. I am convincing her to switch to S7 and leave her iphone!

  6. Just sold my note 5 and s6 edge plus and bought and iphone 6s plus.. Touch Wiz was so laggy on 5.1 and I'm talking about it being straight out of the box with no third party apps.. IOS has been great.. Cant compete.. I love the note 5 still though.. But i just couldn't keep up with the lag anymore!!

  7. I really do like Samsung products. Truly do, but until they come out with a texting compatibility software that allows people to text (without DLing 3rd party apps) to iPhones, Apple will always reign supreme. I work in an office with 43 other individuals and only 2 of us have androids. The other 41 are Apple fan boys.

    Little bit butt hurt that Apple to Apple is so compatible and it's hard to get 41 other people to DL a 3rd party app just so we can all text each other (especially pics).

    But whatever, I'm still gonna rock my Android because functionally wise, it beats iPhones hands down

  8. Extremely biased but nothing you said at all made me think i should ditch my note 5 and get the smaller edge phone. I am a super power user i stream tv music play high end games non of that is remotely affected in a negative way on my note 5.while the.7edge is an improvement from the 6edge i see no reason to get this phone coming from a note 5 user.

  9. I'm glad I have Jump on Demand with T-Mobile. I can Upgrade 3 times a year 🙂 I have a Note 5 and I pre-ordered the S7 Edge then if the Note 6 is worth it I can pre-order that as well……..with only a $2 difference per month. N my wife works for T-Mobile so 70% off our bill. Win Win!!

  10. I'm still in love with my note 5 and still blazing fast so I don't see the need to upgrade this time at least in my opinion. The note 5 also looks incredibly elegant with those chrome accents. Samsung has done a very good job lately!!!!!

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