Samsung Galaxy S7 edge vs LG V10

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The new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with its trendy curved screen and stylish looks goes in direct clash against one of the best large phones on Android: the LG V10. The S7 Edge has got a new Edge UX interface, as well as a 12-megapixel camera that boasts huge improvements in low-light image quality. The V10, on its part, takes pride in its camera, but might not live up to the design challenge that Samsung has thrown with the S7 Edge.

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35 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge vs LG V10

  1. So many retards in the comments. So what if he prefers the s7? You act like you're morally offended by the mere thought that someone would enjoy it. They're practically equal in every way.

  2. You missed a bunch of points… S7 amoled screen can have burn in effect. Edge displays are hard to grip without activating. Glass back will crack when dropped. High impedence headphone amp circuit on v10. LG OEM battery is 12$ and recharge cradle is only $10. V10 is a better phone.

  3. you sound so uneducated. the lg v10 is the most reliable and the most beautiful hand crafted price of art in the Android smartphone world. maybe you should just go back and do some research and learn to speak correctly

  4. This comparison is redundant the v10 is from last year and uses the 808. the s7 uses the 820 obviously the s7 is gonna be faster. I have the v10 and don't see the s7 as an improvement over the s6 or my v10. Samsung needs to think outside the box otherwise soon they will run into the same bottleneck as HTC.

  5. I can't help but to SMH at reviewers that compare the battery life of a phone that you can just swap in a new one, to s phone that you have to charge to get full battery. LG V10 wind the battery comparison, and the camera. IDC if it takes 1/10 of a second longer to snap, the images just look better, and the video isn't a comparison. Live video settings is a win. The looks are subjective. The S7 edge gets the nod, but I prefer function over form, and the V10 looks great, not to mention it isn't fragile like the S7. Drop the V10 on concrete, now do the same with the S7. Yeah, you'll be replacing glass on both sides. No IR blaster? I hoped you still have your S5 to troll there sports bars and at home. The V10 has it all. I like seeing reviews that tell the entire story, and not just the one that favors the latest device. Oh, and when they finally release the 2tb micro SD cards…, need I say more?

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