Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus Full Comparison!

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Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus Comparison! Speed Test, Camera, Battery & Features Review. Which Is Better? Which Should You Buy?

19 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus Full Comparison!

  1. the point is that samsung galaxy s7 edge is cheap ..and have a good system enough form me also the camera damn good! with that shape , the designer is cool because i never see phone with that shape
    i means more cheap than iphones6 ..

  2. one reason i think the iphone runs slightly cooler than the s7 is because it has fewer cores, and it has a bigger surface area to dissipate heat, but temp is not a problem for me.

  3. which one should I buy?
    I usually play a lot of games but I have to use the phone for at least 4 years
    so I am looking for the one which can bear a lot of wear and tear.
    I also watch a lot of movies and need atleast 32 GB memory.
    Finally I love iPhones but s7 does seem good.
    please help!

  4. my question is.. as far as non gaming performance and just legit phone aspects such as pictures and videos with storage and less heat due to less tasks to process and dropping which is the better phone in your opinion? I'm looking for a phone that holds up with the test of time rather than strictly a feature phone. I've never had an Iphone. The android phones I have owned are cheaper but are feature phones that overheat due to bloat ware and a crap ton of background tasks that weren't relevant to my use thus killing the battery a lot faster despite being a bigger phone and battery. does the iPhone do the same ? and how is the quality for calls.

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