Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus Full Comparison

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Apple iPhone 6S Plus Comparison, Speed Test, Camera Test, Battery, Fingerprint, Features Review
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32 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus Full Comparison

  1. i used both iphone 6s plus and samsung galaxy s7 edge and i honestly say that the s7 edge just blew my mind. i tested both phones out to see which one i like more and the s7 edge won me over. it just looks a lot sexier than the iphone 6s plus. and in additional there is virtual reality for the s7 edge. i think samsung has the best homescreen display out there as well. i used be an apple user before in the past but i transfer over to s7 edge. im more attracted to the features on the s7 edge. i think by far it is the top phone in the market as of right now. apple needs to step up there game with the iphone 7 becuz im not impressed with the latest iphone

  2. having owned both the Samsung is considerably better. the iPhone 6s just isn't different enough to the iPhone 6 and the force touch thing is gimmicky. the screen, memory, camera and functionality of the s7 easily out punch the iPhone. oh and water proofing. hallelujah

  3. thanks for the concise, clear and good coverage of the 2 phones. I am trading my iPhone 6p for the samsung Edge7…giving it a try. Like the quick cordless charge, and photo advantages.

  4. The Samsung is way superior in design, hardware… but it has Android OS…I don't like that, the device is premium+, but the iOS is more simple.

  5. I just bought the Galaxy s7 edge and only had it for 4 days. I switched back to an iphone 6s plus just because of the simple fact i dont like android software and all the gimmicks that you wont even use at all, dont get me wrong its a nice phone but when it comes to a good solid phone with out the gimmicks, iphone will always be on top, just being honest

  6. One reason not to buy S7 Edge for me – IT IS ANDROID

    Full of crap applications with advertisements. I am an Android developer and I know how to steal data without any information to user. If any app is not compatible with hardware, your phone will get hang or start behaving slow. There are millions of apps in play store that are developed targeting particular android devices and tested on only few android devices out of thousands of devices available there in market.

    If you talk about customization, you got the same customization features in all range of android phones. You will definitely not get any advantage when in comes to OS. But, yes on hardware side Samsung did an amazing job. S7 Edge looks really beautiful. If your phone does not have any private or confidential data and you love customization, you can go for S7 Edge. There are other hardware aspects where S7 completely beats iPhone 6S but, for me the OS really matters and I believe that iOS is more reliable and robust OS than Android.

    2GB more RAM in S7 Edge don't make you feel any difference in performance. The edge is cool but, if you hold that phone in your hand, your palm will touch the side and the phone registers your palm as your finger touching the screen. Also, pressing key 1 is difficult unless you lay the phone flat in your palm or on a table

    Now Samsung should really think about developing their own OS like iOS.

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