Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Infinix Zero 3 – BENCHMARK COMPARISON

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Detailed benchmark tests and scores comparison of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Infinix Zero 3 smartphones.

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16 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Infinix Zero 3 – BENCHMARK COMPARISON

  1. i got this phone (infimix zero 3) a while ago, damn. i downloaded an app but it took 3 hrs to download a 15mb app!!! what is wrong with this phone???!

  2. Bro, I subscribed your channel but I asked you to compare Zero 3 with some device in its range such as Motorola moto x pure or moto G 3rd generation ( actually even these are 100 USD more than Zero 3) , and you comparing here Zero 3 with Galaxy S7 which is 4 times costliest than Zero 3. And try keeping the battery appropriate of Zero 3 and keep it in high performance mode or normal mode because here in this video, I think that it is in Power saving mode as it's battery is very less.

  3. nice video,,but everybody knows the s7 is superior especially in benchmarks,,,you should do a video of app-opening time differences,browsing differences,camera and real-life battery test…just wanna help

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