Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs HTC 10 Comparison! Best Smartphones of 2016?

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The HTC 10 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are two of the best smartphones of 2016 so far. In this comparison, they go head-to-head and battle it out. Which one is your favourite? The S7 Edge or the HTC 10? Video and pictures samples included.

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34 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs HTC 10 Comparison! Best Smartphones of 2016?

  1. hey dude I just want to know which phone is better for me htc 10 or Samsung s7 edge? my requirements is good sound,decent battery life,decent camera,overall great performance so should I buy htc 10 or Samsung?

  2. +Matthew Moniz This just came to mind, what if this year's HTC Nexus or next year's HTC flagship had the return of the Boomsound speakers with the fingerprint sensor sitting between, similar to the international HTC one m9+ but instead the whole front panel is black w/out the HTC black bar just like current HTC 10? :)

  3. I got the 10 yesterday and boy am i happy with it. Plus it's just came out 2-3 weeks ago. There will be more updates for this phone. Android N is soon here for the htc. No one can beat htc in sound quality and the camera got better way better. And holding this phone feels great in your hand. Just love it. Htc did a good jobb once again.

  4. love the video! i wish i had seen this video earlier. i went with the S7 and am happy with it. the big thing was the price, htc was couple hundred dollars more so had to get the S7

  5. If someone is going for "extreme stable hardware & software" go ahead with HTC10 only.. It is beyond comparison with any smartphone in the market, today…

  6. HTC 10 for audio, the dac & amp is simply amazing. Powers many headphones with high ohms and also delivers amazing audio quality which sadly not many other phones can come close to. Pair the HTC 10 with the ATH Msr7 and you simply got heaven to your ears. AMAZING!!!!!

  7. great video very informative as I am looking to buy one of these two phones in the near future I have had HTC phones for some years now and think after watching your videos I will stick with HTC again thanks

  8. LMAO! Once you drop that S7E and it cracks then we'll see how waterproof it is! As far as Always On Display goes…I'm good on that shit! I don't want to dedicate my battery life/longevity to always keeping my screen on just so I can see what time it is. And everyone knows after about a year of use Samsung phones slow down and get leggy, where as htc devices can go run strong for 3 plus years. htc for the win! htc got that fire! ??????

  9. its got to be the 10 for me. The audio is amazing on the 10 and I love that it has quick charge 3.0 and USB type C unlike the S7 which has 2.0 and micro usb.

    I watched a ton of reviews, these are the best two.

  10. Software the edge has the edge imo you have the edge functionality. which includes the task edge bar which allows a quick shortcut to tasks you do on a regular basis. plus the edge contacts and light up notifications. these make the phone so much more enjoyable and productive. S7 edge camera has much better low light performance and forus time so not only does it open faster it focuses faster allowing you to capture those moments that you can miss with other cameras. HTC wins in sound only, performance is identical with exception of ram management being better on HTC so if you reopen lots of apps frm backround than HTC wins that round.

    Also the split screen multitasking that Android N is coming out with is already in use with touchwiz Google is adding more touchwiz features than Samsung moving more to stock android.

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