Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

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What’s the difference between the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus? Alex explains from MWC 2016.

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25 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

  1. there is a design flaw on the edges of the galaxy s7 edge, for example when I'm holding the phone to watch movies or a YouTube video my fingers are making contact with the edge screen and I keep touching the screen accidentally, I did not have that issue with my s6 edge plus. There is no gap between the edge screen on the s7 and the side of the phone were you hold it from, I hope Samsung makes note of that.

  2. S6 edge plus now her in Taiwan have software update on marshmallow and wow battery issue over heating,log is gone.Smooth and fast also edge screen is like in S7.S6 edge plus now WOW

  3. Why create the s7 edge in that size? To avoid taking attention away from the note, remember that mess with both the note 5 and edge plus fighting for attention, it's the reason I hated the edge plus since I'm a note person, hopefully the note 6 arrives by itself and not with a pesky rival model at launch

  4. Didn't think it was going to be a big difference in size between the two, the s6 edge plus exactly makes the s7 edge look small when side by side

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