Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Galaxy Note 5

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We pit the best that Samsung has to offer against each other, in this in-depth look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Galaxy Note 5!

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35 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Galaxy Note 5

  1. So, a pretty woman can't review a phone without guys getting horny in the comments? Got new for ya, Joshua is a pretty good looking guy, too, but you don't see women doing this. Get a fucking grip, guys, it's 2016.

  2. Alright Guys!! My Dad Said He Would Gift Me A New Phone If I Get Good Marks..Which One Do I Buy? s7 Edge, s7 Or Note 5..?PS: I Drop My Phones Alott, So Will s7 Edge Break If I Drop It Even With A Cover On? :)Please Help :))

  3. My finacee has the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I've been able to use it a little. I do not like how the screen is curved. It's cool that you can see the time on the side whenever wherever without really turning the screen on but that option is pointless to me because I have something like the FitBit that is hooked up via Bluetooth to my phone and obviously has the time on there. I don't even need to find my phone to see the time or notifications so like I said, pointless to me. The camera difference's that we were shown in this video and load time of apps and overall speed we were just shown isn't enough of a difference me to to want the Edge over the Note. I recently purchased the Note 5 and should be getting it in four or five days. The S pen is what sold me, hands down. I am always taking notes and I run a business, it's going to be very convenient to have that feature handy instead of going into the phone getting into the "notes" app and texting down what need's remembered. It excites me because I can draw in the note too and sometimes with our business "painting" I need to scribble down little things. The water resistant feature on the S7 doesn't impress me either only because if I'm taking my phone anywhere near water regardless of how "water resistant" it is, I'm risking the life of my precious phone and when you are running a company and use your phone to do so, it just isn't worth the risk. I ordered the Note 5 after watching this and I'm not regretting my decision. That S pen is really the different between this or that. If you don't make a lot of notes or would really use that feature, cool, then I'd go with the S7 Edge but I do and I cannot wait to get this phone in the mail. Super excited. :D

  4. S7 edge bad design because continuios activating the screen. note 5 bad enough. Needs to be like the iPhone unless you touch the icon nothing happens. Drives me nuts.

  5. I have a Note 5 but looking at this video it is not enough for me to change to the S7 I really like my Note 5 I don't need an SD card I have a 64 gig Note 5 for over a year and only have used 25 gigs so it is not enough for me to change

  6. S7 is still lacking stereo front facing speakers , I watch movies and sped time on YouTube, Samsung have put a lot of work in to the DAC audio converters so I don't understand why they continue to hide the speakers.
    Also as we are now using these android devices for more solutions so a 2nd USB C socket is now essential as charging at the same time as using the other port extends the time that the phone can be used. This is especially important for tablets.
    For example nobody would buy a laptop with just one port.

  7. Great review & video. One thing not mentioned, however, is the issue mentioned elsewhere of the Edge's "edge" leading to unwanted contact and clicks especially with one-handing. Also, what about charging, and sound quality for actual phone conversations?

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