Samsung Galaxy S7 edge vs Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+

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Galaxy S7 Edge Skins:
Galaxy S7 Skins:

As phablets continue to reign supreme, Samsung has proven that it can blur the lines between the category with the Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung may have not explicitly called the Galaxy S7 edge a phablet, but if you follow the terms on wikipedia, any smartphone with a screen sized above 5.1-inches in the diagonal can be safely included in the category.

Keep in mind thought that this is a category that’s already well dominated by some of our favorite devices of 2015, being the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and Galaxy S6 Edge+. If you recently decided to pull the trigger on either one of these, or if you’re wondering if you should still consider last year’s phablets, this video is for you.

Watch to find out which device wins.


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47 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge vs Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+

  1. well I'm impressed with my note edge and I didn't see any reason to replace it with note 5 or edge plus. but s7 edge seems much more than impressive and I wanna upgrade. There's still one more problem, it doesn't have a s pen. Those who haven't used one will never understand why s pen should keep so difference between a note and s device. Just hope I find all the features with note 6. cz I want a edge display and a note together as specs as s7 edge does. ?

  2. I'm definitely upgrading, and I wanted to know your thoughts of waiting until the Note 6 comes out. I have heard many rumors, do you guys know of anything?

  3. Thing thing about the edge features is that they are software features that can so easily be updated on the Note 5, but they want you to rely on the S7 and S6 for these features, otherwise the Edge display is just an aesthetic feature. I really dislike these ugly company/business traits.

  4. what do you think when the Note 6 hits I have a new Note 5 should I upgrade or keep what I got I want new features and a better faster phone or is it slightly better the Note 6 has to be better to spend that kind of money let me know thanks

  5. Help guys? Im really having a hard time here. Which one should I buy? The galaxy note 5 or the s7 edge? And I am just wondering, is it really possible to have a note 6 edge???

  6. I've just received my s7 edge. My so edge was less than a year old and I wasn't sure if the new phone would be worth the investment. Wow it's worth it. Feels much better in the hand with the curved glass on the back. The display and camera now second to none. My so always had a greenish tinge to the glass making whites less bright. But the real reason I purchased this phone was the massive improvement when using the VR gear. The new processor is so quick. The battery really does last and being able to expand the memory is now important to me having so many VR games and experiences to play. In addition Samsung have fixed the problem of the S6 over heating when using the VR headset. The new phone is filled with gas that turns to gel to cool the thing. It really works.

  7. hey… can any one tell me if he faced this problem… the screen of my note 5 have some leftovers of the most used apps… for example in the bottom of the screen I can see the camera logo of the instagram all the time… also whatsapp top bar left a mark and I can see it when the screen is white… I mean while I'm watching youtube I can see the share and call bottons of whatsapp in the top right corner all the time..

  8. I've received the 6.0 official update on my S6 ages ago. We knew the new edge features from the S7 would be ported to the S6 edge/edge+ as we already had them before the S7, on the S6 6.0 beta marshmallow.

  9. Hi. On one of the pocketnow podcasts they said you discovered that the processor in the Note 5 was actually faster than the Qualcomm 820 when playing certain high graphics games. Is this true?

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