Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Unboxing and week on impressions

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We unbox the retail unit for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This also gave us the opportunity to reflect on how Samsung’s phone and it’s features have treated us a week on.

26 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Unboxing and week on impressions

  1. How does it feel in terms of weight? I don't like those extremely light smartphones because they feel like cheap toys, I'm afraid its 157 grams could make it too light, when I hold my phone I also want to feel that I have it in my hand. I have a Note 4 now, with the official Flip Wallet case, the whole thing is about 240 grams and I feel like it's the right weight.. S7 Edge is smaller, but not that much, while its weight is definitely lower

  2. I was Samsung user back in the days and I was impressed by their multitasking and sensors. But then I bought Nexus 5x and oh boy… once you go Nexus you are never going back!
    Biggest plus of Android 6 is finger print sensor which is incredible fast and accurate faster than iPhone. Then why should I buy Galaxy with their Touch-Wiz slow and buggy sensor? Also after 3 months Google will launch Android N which will have multitasking which was buggiest plus of Samsung phones. After this release Galaxy S7 will become ordinary phone except this AMOLED screen.

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