Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Unboxing [4K]

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  1. Hey, nice. Review out there! May I ask u. A couple of questions?? Is your phone come with a carrier like at &t or is it a sim free phone? How much does it cost in your country?? And does is it pack an Exynos or the snapdragon 820?? Cause my friend I really really love that phone with no front OEM branding. Cheers, Good day.

  2. it's silly… why asian countries like china korea and japan doesn't have Samsung logo and Galaxy S7 Edge logo on the back, it's madness
    when people bought the phone they wanna show that they use Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the badass phone of the year! they wanna show it to the world!

    are you sure your phone wasn't fake?

  3. So I'm planning on switching to the s7 edge in September maybe August. Can I use the smart connector to connect my iPhone 5c to this phone and transfer everything from my iPhone to my s7 edge?

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