Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Top 5 CAMERA Features + Review!

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► Galaxy S7 Edge:
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This the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – I LOVE IT!
It’s my new daily driver, and besides the amazing display, curved glass, fantastic battery life, and so much more, I love the awesome camera and app features:
1. Super fast! Double tap the home button, from lock screen or in any app and it will launch the camera, in just a few milliseconds.
Capturing photos is fast too, just snap away, or hold down the button to capture burst mode, about a thousand frames per second. Even the processing of panorama stitching is very fast.
2. Auto focus is crazy fast too! With Samsung’s new “Dual Pixel” technology, it’s sorta like using 100% of the pixels (phase detection) to determine auto focus, rather than the average 5-10%.
#3. Video and picture clarity and quality is fantastic. Super crispy and sharp, saturation looks well balanced, color accuracy looks spot on. Dynamic range is impressive too, plenty of details in the…

37 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Top 5 CAMERA Features + Review!

  1. I was wondering if there is a car mode, I had that on my turbo and loved using it when driving also with the edge when it shows notifications on the side, how do I have the message notifications show up on the side bar when a message comes in AND will those show up when phone is face up or for the notification on the side to work, does it have to be face down? Mahalo

  2. Pleeeease… Do a complete review… It's fantastic the way that you did the camera review. I love Motorola X Pure but looks like S7e it's much more interesting.

  3. Very nice and quick to the point review! Thanks, just a question, can the camera aspect ratio (for pictures) be changed from the default 3:4 to 16:9? Thanks again!

  4. This is amazing. Now I'm officially switching from an iPhone 6s to a s7e. Battery life, screen resolution and camera quality is something the shitty iPhone will never have. Or in a thousand years. Not mentioning it's getting old and boring and bland as fuck with Tim Cook being the CEO now. The quality sucks so much it's disgusting.

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