Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) Slowmotion Camera Test [Full HD]

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Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) has an even better Sensor than before and can record beautiful Slow Motion Videos in Up to Full HD Resolution. I was in Lisbon for a few days and tried to shoot nice motives for different Conditions. I hope you like the Result.

The Whole Video including the Music was cut with the “Samsung Video Editor” on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Exporting took about 2 Minutes and Cutting was no hassle at all. The Final Video size was 185MB in size.

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27 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) Slowmotion Camera Test [Full HD]

  1. hi,may i know how do u take those slow motion clips? by default slow motion mode?because im having flickering issue with the mode & the video resolution isn't as clear as yours.Hope for reply,appreciate.

  2. s7 edge does slow motion at 720p correct? or is it higher or lower? I just got it and have only tested it in reasonably poor lighting and it did not turn out too well, want to make sure that is completely due to the lighting, and not because I also did not set something up properly. although it did not appear to have many options for slow motion settings. great video

  3. Hi.
    Just downloaded video editor "55mb " as an add on, wow you really can do some amazing things with this, have started messing with pitcures making animations then inserting into a video using the video editor.S7 edge is a truly amazing device. Thanx for posting this how to.

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