Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Silver Titanium) Unboxing + Giveaway!

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Silver Titanium) Unboxing + Giveaway!

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47 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Silver Titanium) Unboxing + Giveaway!

  1. Plz can I win because I have Samsung Galaxy core I have bean using the phone for 4 years and its lagy and there far few parts missing from it and my parents don't allow me to buy a new phone. So plz can I have the phone

  2. hi i am from the philippines. i message you in facebook. my name is Johnmatrix Banzuela. my cellphone price is just₱2199 only. my only gadget is cellphone. sorry i dont have twitter and instagram. only facebook. in my country. if you have a fine cellphone you are rich. i want to be rich 🙂 just in cellphone only. im 16 years old by the way

  3. I really hope to win because my own phone is broken i have richt now a nokia i Dont like your channel i've done the 3 bonesthings ive shared this video on my insta and share it with al my Whats app contacts (6️⃣7️⃣) i'Ve done.the thinhs and something extra's OHJA im from the Netherlands

  4. dislike bcoz of fake give away, never try to be rich by speaking lies.. make a better video so that people like you. dont make poor people suffer. what a loser you are.. and one request… please stop speaking too much…you should rather do something…

  5. I wanted it cause my iPhone 4 that my aunt was broken(completely destroyed)on an accident 5 month ago.So I have to do many jobs to buy a new one.But I need to use the moneys for my daily uses cause my I'm from poor family and I don't want to make my parents work to hard for me.

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