Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Silver Titanium – Review | The Edge of Perfection

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Galaxy S7 Edge Unlocked International Version
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In this Video we take a look Samsung’s latest Flagship phone, The Galaxy S7 Edge. This time around Samsung made some major improvements to the S7 Edge including Waterproofing, Micro SD Card slot expansion, and Large Battery life. Features that the iPhone to shame. Is the Galaxy S7 Edge the Perfect Android Smartphone you can buy? Watch the Video to find out.

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24 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Silver Titanium – Review | The Edge of Perfection

  1. The silver titanium is the only god looking S7 Edge, the black, white, gold, pink/gold all look cheap. The black and white looks like cheap plastic, and what with the pink/gold mix, that's just ugly.
    Here in Denmark we can now get a silver model, but it's NOT the silver titanium, but again a cheap plastic look. Why make a great phone, and then ruin the feeling with these cheap plastic covers. If I buy a phone at that high price, I would like the finish to match the quality of the phone.

  2. nice colour! plastic home button ruins the look though should have used a sapphire or glass as it looks tacky and not in parallel with the rest of design as the glass and aluminium look great for a premium device bit of a let down especially when its used constantly shame i would have got this otherwise ;(

  3. you dont need to open the screen to use the fingerprint lock trust me just click your home button while your s7 os s6 is not awak click it and just place you finger there its much faster because there is no animation on iphone you need just too click but slower because there is animation trust me i have tried it!

  4. Just picked up a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for Verizon and then I watched your video, great tips. Am also a new subscriber after watching this video, thanks a lot!?

  5. Personally I think front facing speakers makes the phone ugly and takes away from the design. And plus, phones are never going to have good audio as the drivers are too small to produce rich, full sound so it doesn't concern me.

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